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My parents took me to Disneyland for our first family vacation, Circa early ’70’s. Going on a trip that didn’t result in lodging with relatives, invoked a plethora of thoughts, feelings and emotions within. I had read about traveling to distant places (let’s face it, for a youngster flying from Chicago, IL, to Anaheim, CA, this was indeed distant), and now here I was with an opportunity to fly and visit the most magical place on Earth!


I can recall many memories from my Disneyland vacation. The excitement I felt when boarding an airplane for the first time, the flight attendant offering me a blanket when I was a tad bit chilly, and my older brother squeezing my hand when we encountered turbulence that rattled the plane and shook our seats. The sights, culture, foods and music of my chosen destination remain vivid. I didn’t know it then but, my first family vacation would spark a voracious appetite for traveling; as a result,


TheTravelJunkee was born. Now I’m 6 continents, 60 plus countries, and countless cities in the game, and that inspired me to create a website, blog and business, all because my love for travel. I have an interest in sharing information about hidden treasures tucked away in small coves, and expeditions that are not on the so beating path, with others. My website www.thetraveljunkee.com and IG page www.instagram/thetraveljunkee are places where I connect and share tips via stories, links and personal accounts of things to do when traveling to certain places. For example, when traveling to Rome, I just happen to know one of the best spots to hear jazz is Gregory’s Jazz Club which has an eclectic blend of jazz and is located near the Spanish steps; or, when traveling to Lisbon, I just happen to know you can find the best authentic Portuguese food in a small neighborhood that is only accessible using Tuk Tuk.

I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s definitely on my list. For now though I’m sure to be Wheels up to my next destination when you read this. Ciao

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