This is arguably one of the best places I’ve ever been. The weather is great, the people are great and the culture is RICH. Where am I’m talking about you might ask, none other than Cartagena, Colombia.
Encontre el amor en Cartagena
So I landed at CTG which is their airport in Cartagena and one of the first things I noticed was the size of the airport and the absence of the traditional jetways and jet bridges one might be accustomed to seeing in Estados Unidos or Europe.
When coming off the plane in CTG you are right there on the tarmac and it’s a short walk over the airport building itself. This is absolutely not a problem, unless you fly in and the heat is sweltering, or if it’s raining like it can in certain seasons. Once inside you clear customs, then grab your bags and you’re out at the curb.
Here are a couple of quick essentials that’s you need to know below:
Colombian used to be know for it’s cheap Uber rides, here recently though there was a court ruling that has basically kicked Uber out of the entire country. Now you’ll have to rely on a taxi ride, or if you have some local friends there that should work too.
Taxi drivers march as they strike to pressure the government to ban the ride-sharing app Uber, in Bogota, Colombia, Wednesday, May 10, 2017. Hundreds of taxi drivers from different cities in Colombia began a strike on Wednesday, denouncing Uber as a “pirate” taxi service that does not meet the requirements required by law. (AP Photo/Fernando Vergara)
The money used in Cartagena is the Colombian pesos. The USD and EURO are really strong down in Colombia. You can check your rates at the time of travel to see how much you will save. You have a couple of options in terms of conversion, you’re local financial institution or at the airport.
So inside the walled city you have this place called EL Coro that has some of the best drinks and Ceviche to die for. When is comes to dancing and just hanging out with the locals there is no better place to kick it then Kilele. Trust me you won’t be the same in the AM after a night of hanging out at this place.
One of the things you want to check out while in Cartagena is the walled city and OLD TOWN. So to put it in short, if you want to learn about the city and see a ton of local culture, history, and street scene such as shopping, food,s fruits and entertainment of a wide range the walled city is the place to be.
Another MUST SEE in Cartagena is the village of Palenque. You probably never knew Cartagena has such a large population of Afro-Colombians and this community is the EPI-CENTER of the culture. It’s the first FREE TOWN made up of direct descendants in the Americas, this village was founded by slaves who fled a life of captivity in the colonial times. This places is unique, not only do they have their own culture, and history, they even have their own language.
Before I end this piece, I can’t  talk about Cartagena without mentioning the unofficial, official travelers Mayor of Cartagena, my brother Alex Rocha. If you plan to visit it behooves you to reach out to Alex. He will definitely make sure you get the best experience in Cartagena, hence the name of his company, aptly titled, EXPERIENCEREALCARTAGENA

Ven a visitar Cartagena, esta será una de las mejores experiencias que hayas tenido