Dating can be a job in itself nowadays, timing when it comes to meeting for something simple as a dinner could be an arduous task. Depending on what side of town or part of the city people live can prove to be daunting as well. Not only do you have to take these things into consideration, there are many more factors on the top of that when it comes to potentially dating a traveler.
Do you find it hard to date a person that travels a lot, when you don’t?
Would you stifle your partner from traveling even if it was a destination you were not interested in or didn’t have the time?
These are 2 common questions that come up when in the world of traveling and dating.
Now by all accounts a lot is definitely subjective, so let’s say the person goes abroad from their country at the least 5 times a year. To a lot of people that would constitute a lot. There would definitely have to be a great amount of patience, understanding, not to mention there would have to be a tremendous amount of trust in the relationship.
Technology in this day and age has definitely made dating a traveler a little easier. You have a multitude of video chat platforms that can allow you to stay connected virtually anytime a day.
Here are a few things to take into consideration when dating a or thinking about dating a traveler.
  1. Ask yourself do I like to travel, this would most certainly help because you and your partner could potentially take trips together.
  2. Be opened minded and trusting, there might be times when your partner is in location that you’ve always had thoughts about traveling too. Don’t let your mind play tricks on you while they are gone.
  3. Utilize the many video chat apps that exist today. This will at least allow you a temporary fix to see each while one person is traveling.
  4. Remember why you started dating in the first place. I’m sure it was something about that person that caught your eye or attention, those are the things to lean on while you’re potentially missing your partner due to travel.
Overall dating a traveler is what you make it, if you want a good relationship you will do the things to make sure you have one, even if that means finally dusting off that passport and getting some stamps abroad with your partner.

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    Chase Miles
    Posted September 6, 2020 11:44 pm 0Likes

    This is a great topic. Of course dating already comes with its pre packaged challenges. Dating a traveler takes an even greater deal of patience and security. Video chatting has worked well for me as well as chatting via social media apps (while overseas). Sharing information about news and events throughout the day (via social media) helps us to stay connected and gives us topics to discuss when we have our one on one time.

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