Remember when you were a kid and you used to take the pillows from the couch and surround them around something like a chair or the coffee table, but you’d leave a little path to crawl around or escape through. You remember those days when you made yourself a FORT. 

Guess what, if you make it to Amer, Rajasthan India you can see a real fort. 

Allow me to introduce you to Amber Fort. Constructed of red sandstone and marble in the 11th century, this ancient marvel was home to Rajput Maharajas and their families. Then, in its opulence it was built on 4 levels with each having its own courtyard. A far cry from those living rooms forts from old.

The palace is divided into 6 separate main sections and each one has its own entry gate with a courtyard. In those days as the town people celebrated, they would hold parades with their war bounty from battles won.

Amber Fort is technically located in the city of Amer which is situated on a forested hill promontory that overlooks Maota Lake. When traveling to the Fort from the village the road will dead end you right into the front gate known as Suraj PoL

Amber was once the capital of princely Jaipur state, and the fort the residence of it’s Rajput rulers. Maharaja Man Singh I, who led Mughal Emperor Akbar’s army, commenced its construction in 1592 on the remains of an 11th century fort. The fort was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2013, as a result tourism has skyrocketed, and rightly so. This is one of the most impressive forts of age.